We are thrilled to announce that CAN FD is back on AutoProPAD!

CAN FD functionality will now require all AutoProPAD machines to have an active annual subscription. Effective immediately.


Each CAN FD transaction will require a programming “Credit.” This decision wasn’t made lightly but deemed necessary because of the new costs involved in reestablishing and maintaining CAN FD service. A single Credit will run $39.99 USD (compared to almost $50 USD after tax from GM) and can be acquired for even less when purchased in bulk. For more details or to purchase CAN FD Credits, AutoProPAD users should visit: https://autokeypros.com/pages/subscriptions


The CAN FD protocol still requires either a) an AutoProPAD with integrated CAN FD capabilities or b) an external XTool CAN FD Adapter [XTL-CAN-FD].


It’s easy to determine if your AutoProPAD has integrated CAN FD!


AutoProPAD G2—Serial numbers AG2-00771 and higher have integrated CAN FD.


AutoProPAD G2 Turbo—Serial numbers AG2T-01271 and higher have integrated CAN FD.


All G2 and G2 Turbo units that fall below these thresholds will require the XTool CAN FD Adapter [XTL-CAN-FD].


No legacy units (BASIC, FULL, LITE, PS80, PS90) have integrated CAN FD and will all require the XTool CAN FD Adapter [XTL-CAN-FD].


AutoKeyPros.com is the best place to learn everything there is to know about programming CAN FD vehicles with the AutoProPAD.

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