New 2004-2011 Honda Ignition Reset Tool By LockTech

We would like to introduce you LockTech’s latest product.

KeyDirect is excited to announce the release of the LockTech LTHRT-V2. After the success of the original LTHRT, LockTech was approached by many locksmiths asking for a tool designed for older model Honda ignitions. This tool, much like the original LTHRT, is designed to reset the spindle and plunger misalignment that commonly occurs after removing Honda ignition cylinders. The main difference between the two tools is the years they are applicable for: the original LTHRT is for 2012+, while the new LTHRT-V2 is for years 2004-2011.

It is very common for Honda ignitions to fail to the extent that rebuilding them or replacing the cylinder has become common practice.

Once the ignition cylinder is removed for replacement or rebuilding purposes, it is common for the spindle inside the ignition housing to get misaligned. In the past, this misalignment required the entire ignition housing to be removed from the steering column to reset the spindle so the new or rebuilt ignition would function correctly in the housing. The LTHRT-V2 was designed so that the spindle can quickly be reset without having to remove the ignition housing.

Now available at a special pre-order price HERE!

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