AccuReader – LockTech Bundle of 2 – KW1 & SC1 Kwikset SmartKey Decoders 2.0


Introducing the LockTech KW1 & SC1 Kwikset SmartKey Decoders version 2.0 – the latest addition to the SmartKey Decoders lineup.

The LockTech Kwikset SmartKey Decoder is a WIFI enabled digital scope that when used with a compatible IOS or Android Smartphone make decoding these locks ridiculously easy and fast!


  • Decodes all current SmartKey locks (GEN 1, 2, 3, & 4) and SmartKey Control Key cylinders as well.
  • A real glass mirror for the clearest image possible.
  •  “In the Keyway” LED eliminates glare off the front of the lock.
  • Position Alignment Spacers eliminate the guesswork of where you’re looking at in the lock and locating individual wafers/pins during the decoding process.
  • LED dimmer allows the user to increase or decrease the brightness inside of the lock.
  • Live Video Display Feed, SnapShot Mode, or Video Mode.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic Protective Storage Cap
  • Spacers, Protective Cap, and Laminated Depth Chart are tethered for convenience.


  • 2 LTKSD2.0 Decoders-1 Dedicated For The KW1 And 1 Dedicated For The SC1 Keyways And All Accessories.
  • This kit also includes the protective carry case.
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