Advanced Diagnostics – ADC-260 Mercedes® Solution / Smart Programmer Kit / ADS-2298 Mercedes Software + 2 Ilco Look-Alike® 4 Button Mercedes Benz POD Key

SKU: ADC-260
Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to introduce the Smart Pro Mercedes Solution for programming slot keys compatible with Mercedes models produced from 1996 to 2014.
The Smart Programmer ADC260 is the lightweight, easy-to-use device for programming Mercedes* keys in combination with the Smart Pro.
Main Features: 
  • Guided procedure – The Smart Pro guides you step-by- step through the programming procedure. You can read data either from the OBD cable, which is always connected to the vehicle when programming, or for from the immobilizer unit using the key emulator.
  • Password retrieval at no cost – The password needed to complete the programming procedure is calculated in the background by the system. Its retrieval requires no additional costs.
  • No tokens needed – The Mercedes® Solution is always available to customers purchasing the Smart Programmer. No additional tokens are required.
  • Online connection needed – The Smart Pro must be connected to the internet and an original key is required to complete the procedure. Data is decrypted from the original key and encrypted into the Ilco Look-Alike Remote key via a cloud solution.
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