Launch – X-431 Torque HD Diagnostic Tool

SKU: LNCH-321195001

X-431 Torque HD is a heavy-duty vehicle diagnostic device customized by Launch Company based on X-431 PRO3 V5.0 products. The device system is Android 10.0, using 2.0Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM large storage, equipped with a high-endurance battery, running faster, more stable and longer.

X-431 Torque HD supports vehicle fault diagnosis via Bluetooth wireless or wired connection, suitable for 12V and 24V electronic control systems, supports Cummins, Detroit engine software, and  various vehicle software including SCANIA, VOLVO, HINO, ISUZU, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, etc.

This product has the advantages of wide vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic function, and accurate test data, and can realize fault diagnosis of all models and systems.


  • The device system is upgraded to Android 10.0, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM large storage,  equipped with high-endurance battery, running faster, more stable and more durable;
  • Support automatic VIN intelligent and fast identification of vehicle information;
  • Support online one-key software upgrade service;
  • Wide coverage of vehicle models, strong diagnostic function, and support full system diagnostics for all models;
  • Support Read Version Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data stream, Actuation Test, Coding, Matching and more diagnostic functions;
  • Support module extension: TPMS tire pressure gun, videoscope, BST360 Bluetooth battery detection, Immobilizer programmer, WIFI printer, etc.;
  • Equipped with a J560 PLC Trailer diagnostic connector, it supports reading ABS warning light information from the trailer ECU and testing the ABS warning light in the  cab.
  • Support subscription from the mall for software of the vehicle models that are not configured.
  • PN: 321195001
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