LOCK MONKEY – Ghost Chip Clip (MK740)

SKU: MK740

Do you believe in ghosts? We do now thanks to a locksmith and inventor out of Ontario, Canada.

Throw out that roll of duct tape you’ve been using to bind transponder chips to mechanical keys for in-vehicle testing.

The Ghost Chip Clip provides a professional and convenient way to ensure your programming and cuts were successful before sacrificing an expensive transponder shell or remote head key. Whether you’re fill-progressioning or impressioning, trying out a new cloner or new chip supplier, The Ghost Chip Clip has got you covered.

Three embedded chip slots cover all major ceramic and glass chip sizes. The textured clamp provides ample bite for even the smallest, headless test keys or flip key blades. Quit fumbling around with loose chips and mechanical keys today, with the Ghost Chip Clip!

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