Xhorse VVDI Key Tool MAX Remote Generation


The VVDI Key Tool MAX covers the same functions as the original VVDI Key Tool, but on a robust Android tablet with optimized memory and processing power for future-proof updates.

It features the added ability to control the Condor & Dolphin and to connect to the Mini OBD Tool.

which contains immobilizer programming and diagnostic functions.

Additional Features of the Key Tool MAX:

  • Transponder Generation
  • Transponder Cloning
  • Frequency & Power Tester
  • Remote Cloning
  • Generate Remote And Smart Keys
  • Generate Garage Door Remote
  • Unlock OEM Remotes
  • Read And Copy Access Control Cards
  • Direct Connection and control of the Condor & Dolphin cutting machine
  • Immobilizer Detection Directly At The Ignition Coil
  • Program Immobilizer Via Mini OBD Tool (Not Included)
  • Reset Check Engine Light And Performance Tune Ecm Via Mini OBD Tool Not Included)
  • Unlock Remotes Utilizing The Original Key Tool’S Jig Sets via Mini OBD Tool Not Included)
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