Your favorite ADC2020 Emulator Cable Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce a blockbuster update to the new ADC2020 Emulator Cable for select Ford/Lincoln models. With a free software update the procedure is greatly improved by removing the need to disconnect the battery while silencing an active alarm. Continuous improvements to the ADC2020 Emulator have reduced the total time needed from 20-30 minutes down to just a few minutes. A simple software update on the Smart Pro is all that is needed. No hardware updates or additional purchases required!

What is ADC2020?

The ADC2020 Emulator cable works together with the Smart Pro and Advanced Diagnostics ADS2269 Ford software to emulate a working key in All Keys Lost situations and with an active alarm.

Key data is read from the vehicle using the Smart Pro software and then written to the emulator which is connected directly to the Smart Pro via a USB cable.

The emulator then mimics a working key for the vehicle, shutting down the active alarm, allowing additional keys to be programmed, all without the need of an existing, working key.

Why do I need ADC2020?

  • Improves previous procedure for silencing active alarm
  • Eliminates time wait after reading data
  • No longer necessary to cover ultrasonic sensors to silence alarm
  • No longer necessary to disconnect vehicle’s battery


Discover more information in the YouTube videos below:


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