ILCO – 07V Futura Jaw For Peaks / Best Keys / D749960ZB (BJ1358XXXX)

by Ilco
  • Jaw has built-in tip stop to allow the user to easily clamp the keys.
  • Jaw position E (BEST®) is designed for clamping Best® keys that have 0.150” spacing between cuts and can also be used for the Peaks® applications that utilize the 0.150” spacing.
  • Jaw position F is used for the Peaks® systems utilizing 0.140” spacing.
  • Simply install the 07V in place of the 01V on your Futura machine.
  • You must have a current software subscription to update the Futura software to allow use of the 07V clamp.
  • Remember that your Futura machine must be registered to allow for software updates.
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