ILCO – Delta FO / Tibbe Keys Key Cutter for Ford and Jaguar Applications / 6 Cut and 8 Cut by Code (D823762ZB)

by Ilco

The Delta FO cuts by code the unique angles found on the 4-sided keys for Tibbe locks, as used on some models of Jaguar and Ford vehicles.

The machine is very simple to operate, easy to maintain, and provides superb cutting results!

  • Specially designed vise jaws securely grip the uniquely shaped 6-space and 8-space Tibbe keys
  • Simple spacing mechanism assures quick operation, and accurate results for both 6-space and 8-space Tibbe type keys.
  • Dial type depth adjustment simplifies depth calibration process
  • Direct drive cutter system eliminates v-belt and pulley maintenance
  • Sealed ball bearing type drive motor
  • Cobalt steel cutter extends service life
  • “Soft Touch” nylon deburring brush
  • Available 110V-AC

Delta 2000 Fo Manual

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