Xhorse – Mercedes EIS/EZS Adapters for VVDI Prog / 10 Piece Adapter Set / XDPG30GL


XHS-EZS-ADAPTER Xhorse VVDI Prog Adapter Set for Benz EIS/EZS – 10 PCS With this collection of 10 adapters from Xhorse, you will now be able to read the Bin File/Dump from the EIS/EZS Modules listed below without soldering a single wire to the Module.

This lack of soldering simplifies and speeds up the process while making the reading safer.

These adapters are used in conjunction with the VVDI PROG as a complete solution for Bin File/Dump reading on the referenced EIS/EZS Modules.

Once you have the Bin File/Dump read out, save the file. You can then present that saved file to the VVDI MB BGA Tool or any other capable tool and program a key to the vehicle.

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